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News - April 3, 2019

Channing Frye Will Tell His Kids ONE Thing About LeBron James

Cleveland Cavaliers veteran Channing Frye is about a week away from retiring from the game of basketball after 14 years. Frye spent time with the Knicks, Trail Blazers, Suns, Magic, Lakers, and Cavaliers over his career and won a championship alongside LeBron James in Cleveland in 2016.

Frye was a part of the Cavaliers team who stormed back from 3-1 in the 2016 NBA Finals to complete the greatest series turnaround in NBA history. Frye will not just remember James for that, though, but his bad breath. Yes, you did not read that incorrectly.

When asked what three things he would tell his children about playing alongside James, Frye told The Athletic:

“No. 1, he has smelly breath. Smelly breath. No. 2, he was a freak of nature. And then No. 3, Kyle Korver and I fixed his jumper for one year. I know, but Korver, Channing, it’s all the same. It’s all about Korver.”

Frye also gave a hilarious quote about his retirement which gained much media attention. Pro tip: Watch out for a retired Channing Frye in your city’s L.A. Fitness.

“Listen, I’m rich, I’m a champion, I’m 35 and retiring and I’m living a great life. So, if you think I suck, I’ll see you at L.A. fitness in a year, [expletive].”

James, as well as Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade who will also retire after the season, responded to Frye’s quote in a retweet from Kevin Love in hilarious fashion. James loved it, while Wade challenged him to a pickup game.


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