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Uncategorized - May 2, 2018

Drake Takes TWO Shots at Kendrick Perkins on Instagram After Encounter

If there’s one NBA player you don’t want to fight, it’s Kendrick Perkins.

Not only does the 2008 NBA champion look like he just did 10-years at Rikers, but his trash-talk and physical play proves he’s not one to mess with. Drake doesn’t care, though.

The Cleveland Cavaliers veteran center and Drake got into a confrontation on two separate occasions during Game 1 of the second round where the Cleveland defeated Toronto in overtime 113-112 to take a 1-0 series lead. During the first screaming match, Drake barked at Perkins while Cleveland was heading to the locker room at the end of the first half. Perkings didn’t let up, and after the final buzzer, the two continued to throw NSFW shots at one another.

Nobody initially knew what the incident was exactly about, but according to Adrian Wojnarowski, Perkins was having friendly trash talk with former Oklahoma City Thunder teammate Serge Ibaka, telling him that his Cavaliers team was going to come back and win the game. Apparently, that’s when Drake intervened and started trash talking back.

“What happened was I was talking to my old teammate Serge (Ibaka) walking into halftime telling him ‘We about to win this game,’ and Drake butted in talking sh— to me. So I said something back to him,” said Perkins.

It didn’t end on the court or in the locker room, though. Drake took to Instagram to throw even more shots at Kendrick Perkins.


The possible six remaining games between Cleveland and Toronto will be interesting, to say the least.


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