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News - June 8, 2018

Draymond Green Says He “Wouldn’t Be Here” if Warriors Sign LeBron James

It is almost impossible to happen based on salary and pride reasons, but the rumor of LeBron James’ interest of signing with the Golden State Warriors this summer has risen to the surface and even reached players.

The addition of James, arguably the league’s best player, would make the Warriors even more unstoppable than they already are. It would look like the Monstars in Space  Jam playing against other teams—they’d be unstoppable and likely go 82-0.

Draymond Green heard the rumor and did not like it. The 28-year-old soon-to-be three-time NBA champion was asked about the rumor and he said he “wouldn’t be [in Golden State]” if it were to happen.

“I think if LeBron James went to the Golden State Warriors then there would be a high possibility I wouldn’t be here,” said Green.

That is all Green said on the topic and the tone he said it in seemed as if he was kidding and the possibility of signing James is extremely unlikely. James is Golden State’s foe, he faced them in the NBA Finals in four straight years.

Draymond Green has been with the Warriors his entire career after getting drafted as the No. 35 overall pick in the 2012 NBA Draft. Winning keeps teams together. The addition of LeBron James, would not.

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