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Google Had Jose Calderon’s Net Worth at $2.2 Billion, and the Cavs Believed It

Jose Calderon is a veteran point guard who has been in the NBA since 2005. Bouncing around the league with seven separate teams and currently playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Calderon has racked up a great deal of mulla over his long career.

Former Cleveland Cavalier teammate Channing Frye searched Calderon on the internet to learn something about the 15-year vet and uncovered dirt on him that people may not have known.  Frye unsuspectedly landed on a website that estimated Jose Calderon’s net worth at $2.2 Billion. The website said “his father’s stake in a Coca-Cola bottling company named FEMSA,” as evidence.

The best part is that Frye believed it.

Frye wrote in a group chat with his former Cavaliers teammate what he learned of Calderon and that they were playing with a billionaire all along. The text wasn’t Frye giving words of wisdom to his former team as they’re currently battling Boston in the Eastern Conference Finals, but about Calderon’s net worth.

Cavaliers rookie Cedi Osman described that Frye and the glitch created a joke throughout team personnel that Calderon is really a billionaire.

 “Everybody was talking about that, Everybody. EVERYBODY. He makes a play and it’s like, Nice job, man … $2.2 billion … that’s great,” Osman said.

LeBron James even spoke about the rumor, saying when a check came in for a team dinner, one of his teammates said, “give it to the billionaire (Calderon).” James also said the whole team is in on the joke.

So is there actually a Jose Calderon with a $2.2 Billion net worth? Yes, there is. Jose and Francisco Jose Calderon Rojas inherited money from their parents who formerly owned FEMSA.

“It’s a totally different guy. But the weird part is like, everything else [in the Google search] is true. It’s got my wife’s name. I got three boys. I’ve played here and there. So, everything they talk about is true, but the wealth? No. No. Not true,” Jose Calderon said.

Although it’s not $2.2 Billion, Jose Calderon the basketball player has earned over $82 million over his 15-year career. Still, not a bad number.

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