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News - April 27, 2018

Kawhi Leonard Has Surprising List of Demands For Spurs

Just when the Kawhi Leonard situation would seem to fizzle out of the news, the saga continues.

New York Daily News article written by Frank Isola, an NBA executive has claimed Leonard has a “list of demands” for the San Antonio Spurs. One demand is for head coach Gregg Popovich, who’s led the Spurs to five NBA championships since taking the helm in 1996, to ease up and “tweak some things” with his rigorous practices.

Another is for the Spurs and its fans to respect his wishes with his injury progression. You know the story… he has been absent for most of the season (including all of the postseason), played nine games, and has been rehabbing his right quad after being cleared by team doctors in early April.

“Don’t you have to sign him?” asks the executive in the New York Daily News article. “From what I understand, he wants [Gregg] Popovich to lighten up a little with practice and tweak some things. The Spurs may not want to change their ways, but this is Kawhi Leonard we’re talking about.”

In order to get on the same page as Leonard, the Spurs are planning to hold an offseason meeting with him. The meeting will reportedly be led by Gregg Popovich, team executives, and assistant coaches. Leonard’s future, progress, and wishes will all be on the table.

It’s hard to imagine Gregg Popovich will change his coaching and practice style 22 years into his successful coaching career, but we shall see. It will be an interesting offseason.

Will San Antonio offer a supermax contract worth upward of $200 million to keep Leonard or will he be traded?

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