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News - Opinion - Trending - April 17, 2018

Kyle Kuzma Tweets and Deletes Controversial Cavs Tweet

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ season was far from perfect. Sure, they finished 4th in the Eastern Conference with a 50-32 record, but a number of roster moves and off-the-court dilemmas made their season sound like a reality TV series.

Fans were already on Cleveland’s case and with their 98-90 loss to Indiana in Game 1 of the First Round of the 2018 Playoffs, the hate strengthened. Some feel LeBron James needs more help, others think he has the help but they’re just not producing.

It’s starting to look like the 2007 Cavaliers, and Kyle Kuzma agrees.

Well, we all kind of see it too, Kuz. Kuzma. He deleted the tweet a few minutes later.

Remember, 2007 LeBron James led a team of Larry Hughes, Daniel Gibson, Anderson Varejao, Zydrunas Illgauskas, Drew Gooden, and Eric Snow to the NBA Finals before getting swept by San Antonio. It was a one-man show the entire season and postseason and “King James” simply dominated.

For a fellow NBA player to feel this strongly about James’ situation shows the close connection between fans and players on social media—they see the trends of what followers of the NBA are thinking and probably agree. This time, Kuzma tweeted about it instead of just thinking it.


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