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Trending - May 30, 2018

Nick Young vs. JR Smith in the NBA Finals Will Be Comedy

Golden State Warriors guard Nick Young and Cleveland Cavaliers guard JR Smith are two of the biggest clowns in the NBA. On Thursday, May 31, the two will compete against each other in the 2018 NBA Finals, and not only will fans be watching the two teams clash for the fourth straight year, but they’ll also keep their eyes on the actions of the two players.

On the court, in press conference interviews, on the bench, in public —Young and Smith have been caught saying or doing hilarious things on camera. Sure, the two are sharpshooters who can catch fire and rattle off a few threes in a row but you can’t forget the boneheaded plays that have fans scratching their heads and land them a spot on ShaqtinAFool.

Nick Young, or “Swaggy P” struck first in the NBA Finals Young vs. Smith Comedy Show while celebrating Golden State’s Game 7 victory against Houston which granted them a ticket to the Finals.

Golden State’s players were beyond excited—even having Klay Thompson make faces in front of the camera looking as happy as a kid in a candy shop—that they won Game 7, while all “Swaggy P” wanted to do was “turn up..”

Though Young struck first, we can’t forget his past. We’ll never forget the ShaqtinAFool incidents as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, including shooting the ball and turning around to celebrate before it hit the net. What happened? Of course, Young missed horribly and looked like a fool.

But, “Swaggy P” does what “Swaggy P” wants to do. Check out his funniest moments.

Oh, we didn’t forget J.R. Smith. Smith, like Young, is known for his boneheaded plays and hilarious antics. In the past, Smith has been seen partying with Rihanna, asking a fan if she wants to “get the pipe” through DM’s, riding a hands-free segway into Game 4 of the 2015 NBA Finals, celebrating the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 2016 NBA championship shirtless, among other hilarious off-the-court actions.

Ali vs. Frazier. Magic vs. Bird. Young vs. Smith.

Nick Young and JR Smith playing basketball on the same court for a potential seven games on national television calls for some hilarious highlights. Young struck first with his “turn up” comments, next we’ll wait for Smith to do something that the NBA world will laugh about.

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