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News - June 27, 2018

Paul George Decision Date CONFIRMED

Paul George is one of the league’s biggest names in the 2018 NBA free-agency pool and made a highly anticipated decision to announce where he will sign on national television in a three-part SportsCenter called “Paul George: My Journey.”

The series will cover the Oklahoma City Thunder star’s rise to stardom after being selected No. 10 overall in the 2010 NBA Draft in the first episode, footage of his life off-the-court and free-agent pursuits in the second episode, and his ultimate decision in the third.

Part One: Tuesday, June 26 – 6 p.m. ET

Part Two: Thursday, June 28 – 6 p.m. ET

Part Three: TBA

Though part three is to-be-announced, George has confirmed the entire process will be on film and air directly after he breaks the news. George can opt-out of his $20.7 million contract with Oklahoma City on Friday and is likely to make the decision that day or the coming days afterward in part three.

LeBron James went down this road before in 2010 to announce he would sign with the Miami Heat in ESPN’s “The Decision.” According to Neilsen Holdings, 13.1 million people worldwide were tuned in when James made his decision.

“Paul George: My Journey” is similar to “The Decision,” and as James showed in 2010, George could very much be on the move.

The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the teams most interested in George, and Sports Illustrated recently obtained a copy of a transcript for a voiceover for a Lakers recruiting pitch. 

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